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feréstec vs aggtelek


Este jueves se inaugura la exposición “we/poo/r.glitch.oilDownloads.jpg” de Aggtelek en la Galería José Robles de Madrid.
Desde la propia web de la galería, Feréstec realizará diversas intervenciones durante las semanas que dure la expo, proponiendo interpretaciones, relecturas y re-escrituras de partes de la muestra de Aggtelek. La intervención está comisariada por Cristina Anglada. Pronto más detalles.

Next thursday opennig solo show “we/poo/r.glitch.oilDownloads.jpg” by Aggtelek at the José Robles Gallery.
From the gallery website, Ferèstec will perform various interventions for the duration of the exhibition, proposing interpretations, reinterpretations and rewrites of some parts of the Aggtelek exhibition. Intervention comissioned by Cristina Anglada. More details soon.


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febrero 25, 2013 at 5:24 pm

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new work

Imagen 27

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febrero 23, 2013 at 8:13 pm

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OffGallery / JustMad


Feréstec offline

del 14 al 17 de febrero en Off Gallery

JustMad International Contemporary Art Fair.

Un proyecto comisariado por Roberto Vidal.

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febrero 11, 2013 at 12:06 pm

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@ Museum of Moving Image NYC

Fach & Asendorf Gallery

Compiled by Ole Fach & Kim Asendorf (

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DVD DEAD DROP by Aram Bartholl

DVD DEAD DROP at the Museum of the Moving Image

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Fach & Asendorf Gallery debuted online in 2011 with these words:

The Internet, it is everywhere. It is here, it is there and it is where you actually are. It is so huge that nobody ever could print it. It is so deep that no one ever would dive to its end. There is peace and war in it, love and hate and all between. Once you have traveled through it, you will never forget, and you will come back, asap.

Since then, Fach & Asendorf Gallery has served 24 online exhibitions of digital and net art to more than 28,000 unique visitors. To celebrate the beginning of their third season, Fach & Asendorf Gallery presents BEST OF, an enormous collection of unreleased and exclusive work by 84 artists from around the world spanning a broad range of formats including applications, videos, and animated GIFs. <b>BEST OF is a whole week of Internet on DVD.</b>

Participating artists:
A Bill Miller, Absis Minas, Alan Butler, Alexander Peverett, Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Andrew Benson, Andrew Rosinski, Aoki and Peverett, Art 404, Bea Fremderman, Brandon Blommaert, Carlos Saez, Charles Chalas, Chris Collins, Christian Petersen, Claudia Mate, Clement Valla and Kyle McDonald, Constant Dullaart,, Daniel Leyva, Daniel Rehn, David Kraftsow, Deanna Havas, Dominik Podsiadly, Emilie Gervais, Emilio Gomariz, Fabien Mousse, Ferestec, Florian Kuhlmann, Francoise Gamma, Fritz Laszlo Weber, Georges Jacotey, Goto80, Grace McEvoy, Hugo Scibetta, Jacob Engblom, Jan Robert Leegte, Jasper Elings, Jennifer Chan, Jerome Saint-Clair, JK Keller, Johannes P Osterhoff, Jon Satrom, Jonas Lund, Jonathan Pirnay and Jörn Röder, jonCates, Jordan Tate, Jörg Piringer, Julien A Lacroix, Lorna Mills, Małgosia Woźnica, Manuel Fernández, Mark Beasley, Mark Durkan, Martin Böttger, Matthew Williamson, Max Capacity, Michael Manning, Mitch Trale, Miyö Van Stenis, Nicholas O’Brien, Nick Briz, Nicolas Boillot, Nicolas Sassoon, Niko Princen, Paul Flannery, Philipp Teister, Rajeev Basu, Raphaël Bastide, Rick Silva, Rollin Leonard, Sara Ludy, Sarah Samy, Sarah Weis, Sebastian Schmieg and Silvio Lorusso, Stefan Riebel, Sterling Crispin, Ted Davis, Theodore Darst, Thomas Cheneseau, Travis Hallenbeck, Yoshi Sodeoka

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